Movie creator:

Tazuko Miyamoto


TM Creations


San Francisco • Japan


Tazuko Miyamoto is the producer and editor of TM Creations, OVERDUE San Francisco • Japan. In addition, she is a photographer, artist, creator of movies, and flower artist. 

LONELY, her fourth movie is a product of collaboration with DJ Naohiro Tomisawa, a composer and music artist. The positive and sensitive video LONELY presents a world of minimal spatial and temporal shifting. At the same time, the music expresses LONELY from a contemporary angle through an ageless and minimal, yet futuristic, electro sound. 


Naohiro Tomisawa aka PFG 

Sound producer, DJ


After returning from 2 years of activity in the  Berlin, Germany music scene, PFG has achieved respect as a DJ and composer of global music compositions. His electro sounds fascinate and charm listeners with their sophisticated sensitivity and precision.



photo: T. Miyamoto

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