Yuri's blurb

At our restaurant, we take care of Millie — an 87 year-old woman who is a notorious North Beach character. Millie used to sell flowers out of a basket over half a century ago, then she took Polaroids of tourists for money, and now, she just kind of wanders around North Beach with a cane. She’s quite the charmer, tells you to smile if you have a frown on your face, yells out “Hi!” really loud if you are a child, and tells you to “behave” if you are of the male gender. If you happen to stand in front of her for a few seconds, she might pat your behind. We always give her coffee and food, and have never said no to whatever she asks for. However, when she’s getting ready to leave, if we don’t keep a close eye on her, she’ll snatch five or six cookies off the top of the deli case while you look away for a second.


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