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The San Francisco Giants won the World Series again – yay! And just like an earlier year, their victory came around Halloween time.
The actual Victory Parade for them and their fans took place on October 31st. While that was going on downtown, my son’s preschool had a Halloween Parade where all the kids (and many parents), in costume, went trick-or-treating at a few small businesses near the school.
I loved the stops we made. Our first stop, a bar and grill that had seen better days. Tired looking bartenders had special snacks ready for the kids and were super sweet. We then stopped by a coffee shop, and then a Korean restaurant. The final stop was an old-school, dingy auto body shop.
At the end, when we were about to cross the street to return to the school, a public bus came out into the street to start its route. The driver, an African American woman wearing a SF Giants jersey, spotted all the kids in costume crossing the street and started honking and waving at us in approval. We all waved back to the driver, giving her a thumbs-up for the Giants jersey she was wearing. And that, those 30 minutes we spent parading around, was my most recent favorite San Francisco moment.

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